Interested in
 Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic yoga combines a physical practice with mindfulness, bodywork and breath to help soothe the nervous system. In therapeutic yoga we work to turn on the Relaxation Response and outshine the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response. The Relaxation Response allows us to breathe deep, free the body of excess tension, ease the mind and remember how to take safe risks. Yoga can be joyful, silly, dynamic or still.

Adults managing the complex symptoms of trauma, anxiety, grief, loss, inattention, infertility or emotional stress may benefit from therapeutic yoga. Anyone seeking to reclaim a sense of choice, strength, safety or connectivity may also thrive. No yoga experience is required and all are welcome. 


The Wellness Room values the work that yoga therapist, Meghan Zipin, does through her business...Peony and the Bee.  

Her studio is located across from The Wellness Room on the 4th floor. 

288 Walnut Street, Suite 220

Newton, MA 02460

phone: 617.552.5116

fax: 617.552.5117

    1 Ash Street, First Floor

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    phone: 617. 552. 5116

    fax: 617.552.5117

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