Yoga and Meditation for Children and Teens

Michelle designs and offers sessions and programs for individuals, small groups, families, and parents interested in developing an understanding of the practices of yoga and meditation and the tools to bring these practices into their daily lives. 


Michelle will speak to you before your time together to tailor a session or program for your child or family’s specific needs and ages. 

Michelle’s work draws upon ancient Indo-Tibetan practices which nurture and support a healthy mind-body connection, along with the social-emotional skills needed to support children today. The practices center around three principles: Body, Mind, and Heart.


Yoga encourages children to experience a sense of joy in their body, to move freely, and to develop a healthy, aware relationship with their body. As children develop this relationship over their childhood years they are nurturing a healthy body that supports the development of self-esteem, confidence, and a well-developed sense of self.


Meditation practices develop the “mind muscle” which fosters attention, focus, clarity, and the development of metacognition enabling children to operate from a place of confidence and knowing.


The heart practice is a natural unfolding of compassion, gratitude, as we develop awareness of the interconnectedness of our world. Children learn to take their practice off the mat, and to bring the skills that they’ve learned into their daily life.

Some of the areas that these practices can help with..... 

  • anxiety/worry

  • sadness

  • depression

  • identifying and managing feelings and emotions 

  • attention 

  • distraction/focus 

  • attending to a task 

  • balance 

  • stillness

  • silence 

  • calm 

  • sleep trouble 

  • body image 

  • loss and grief  

  • OCD

**Cost of sessions and programs varies depending on their design and whether they are in a small group or private setting. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover these services.

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