Susan Andrew, MSW, LICSW

“When my daughter died, I fell into a hole so dark and deep I thought I would never recover…. or even want to recover. My subsequent divorce was just one more step towards the edge. I knew I needed help. Susan Andrew’s caring and skill brought me back into the light… step by step by step. I could not have done this without her and I am forever grateful to her.” — S.D.

Marina Dresner, MA, MSW, LICSW

"I am so grateful that a friend referred me to the Wellness Room and that I was matched with Marina. I've made more progress with her in the past 10 months than with any previous therapist over much longer periods of time. To each of our sessions I bring what feels like a jumble of emotions and issues, and yet Marina never fails to compassionately and skillfully press the pause button at just the right moment-to ask a question, offer an insight, suggest a strategy,-all of which serves to move me closer to clarity, control and confidence."-K.B.

Liz Fisher, MSW, LCSW

I knew within the first five minutes of meeting Liz that I had made the right decision. Liz and I clicked and I felt so comfortable opening up and sharing all the issues I was there to work on. I laughed, I cried, I felt overwhelmed, yet I also felt so at ease. Each and every session makes me stronger and more confident in myself on my journey to healing”
— T.D.


"I struggled thinking I could be the only one to clean up the rubble my grief and depression left on my life. The act of finding help when you need it is the worst part. After some previous bad experiences calling and finding a psychologist who just “listened.” The Wellness Room was so completely different. The call from them was a gift and a  sigh of relief. Being matched with Liz felt like they knew exactly who would help me, the individual, and not just as a client. I feel less burdened now because Liz is on my team giving me antidotes to my own poisons of low self-esteem, hopelessness, and fear of living after great loss" -G.L.

“Liz worked individually with our twin daughters, who were having anxiety issues around some ongoing health struggles. She was warm and had a trusting relationship with our daughters, and she introduced us to several tools to help ease their anxiety, building a toolbox for them to carry into their future. In working with them, she also provided family therapy, as as parental guidance/support. It was a difficult time, and Liz got us through it with warmth and caring." -F.H.

Haven Fyfe Kiernan, MSW, LICSW

“I initially sought care from Haven when I was in crisis mode. That was six years ago and crisis mode has long since passed! I continue to see her because the working relationship we have developed and her wise and neutral vantage point is invaluable in so many aspects of my every day wonderful (and very happy!) life including work-life balance, life transitions such as motherhood and marriage, complex familial relationships, etc.” — K.P.

“Three years ago, I was single in my early thirties, and I was feeling lonely and blue, a lot. Having always considered myself an emotionally stable person, this was not only difficult to face because of the pain, but also difficult to admit because of my pride. A close friend recommended that I consider therapy, and another friend recommended (and raved about) Haven. I arranged to start seeing Haven later that month, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Haven is truly a breath of fresh air. She has the unique ability as a therapist to listen and affirm, yet gently question and challenge, helping you reach your emotional potential without losing your sense of self. Her presence and personality inherently give you hope and she immediately puts you at ease with her casual, comfortable demeanor. She has a fabulous sense of humor, and laughable moments are never lost on her. During my time with Haven our sessions were often the highlight of my week and it was not because I had an empty social calendar. It was because meeting with Haven never failed to leave me feeling energized and engaged with myself and with life and capable of conquering it all. As women we often indulge in pedicures and spa treatments to relax and center ourselves and a friend once told me that she considered therapy to be the best spa treatment of them all because it truly is an investment in yourself. I could not agree more and I could not think of a better person to manage that investment than Haven.” — E.M.

“I cannot say enough wonderful comments about Haven! Upon a friend’s recommendation, I started meeting with Haven after my dad died suddenly and she helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. She is compassionate, empathetic, sensitive and has an amazing ability to know when to listen and when to give advice. Haven provides a very safe space for her clients to share anything….and everything. I am so thankful to have met Haven and I am a better person today because of her.” — D.M.

“Haven has been my therapist for 4 years now and she is exactly what her name suggests. Both Haven and the Wellness Room are warm, safe spaces, full of honest, healing energy. I feel so lucky to be a patient of hers and a patron of the Wellness Room.” — D.D.

Alee Miller, MSW, LICSW

My child and I had instant chemistry with Alee…according to my daughter their sessions were a great mix of playing games, sharing feelings and talking about strategies to help her and a lot of laughter! It didn’t take many sessions for her to get to a better place and she was terribly sad that her meetings with Alee were ending…a great endorsement of Alee’s skills and a compliment to her as a person” — S.M.

Sarah Rudman, Practice Manager

“As warm and inviting as The Wellness Room is, it can still be daunting the first time you walk through the door. Rest assured that you are in the right place and in good hands with Sarah! Sarah is the perfect mix of warmth and professionalism. She is discrete, organized and always willing to help. As the first point of contact, Sarah also provides a glimpse into what you can expect from the rest of the staff. A true team of warm, kind and helpful professionals! I will be forever grateful to have discovered such a special place to help me heal.” -DC

Rachel Segall, MSW, LICSW

“My fiancé and I started coming to Rachel nine months after he suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. Though our relationship is very strong and we love each other deeply, we needed guidance in coping with the grief and the many difficult dynamics that accompany such a life changing event such as ours. Rachel is teaching us how to be better communicators with each other. She is giving us the tools to build a foundation that will last us a lifetime of martial bliss.” — C.D.M


“I have been seeing Rachel for more than ten years. She is a very insightful woman. She has a way of building you up when you are feeling down. I struggle with anxiety and she has taught me many tools to deal with it. Rachel truly cares. She is engaged and attentive the whole session. She is someone I look up to immensely. She helps me look at things from other perspectives. I give Rachel a lot of credit for my successes. She has been their at my darkest times and my brightest ones. I truly believe I am a better person for working with her.” — D.D.

"Rachel is so easy to talk to.  She is not only a great listener but she offers helpful suggestions.  She has a way of making both me and my husband feel very comfortable.  She has helped us so much!” - S.B.

Kara Rendzia Williams, LICSW

“Kara is so easy to be with, I look forward to our sessions each week. No matter what topic comes up, she has a way of helping me see it in a new, more manageable, light. I leave each of our sessions feeling energized and rejuvenated.” — D.B.

“I have been seeing Kara for the last 7 years. I have had many therapists before her, none who have compared to Kara. She has helped me get strong enough to leave an abusive, toxic relationship of 18 years, and has helped me with my anxiety and panic disorder. I look forward to seeing her every week!” — L.O.


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