Life Coaching with Susan 

Too many of us go through life without being purposeful about choosing the life we truly want to live. We simply react to what life throws at us, which often leads to a life of compromise. Through coaching, clients both personally and professionally discover their passions, identify both their core values and limiting beliefs and set and achieve realistic goals.

Clients come to Susan for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually to do things differently, or to do different things. She work’s with individuals, executives, non-profits, entrepreneurs, professionals, stay at home moms, moms returning to the workforce and students. In her experience as a coach she finds that people think bigger, set bigger goals, and take bigger actions when they work with a professional coach.

Topics can include: managing a transition, honing leadership skills, improving health and fitness, or finding their true passion in work or life. Susan’s style of coaching is straight forward. She is a results driven coach and compassionate truth teller. Susan is her client’s champion. Every session is unique, but the goal is always to gain clarity, achieve resonance and plan action around the topic. Once clients have met their goals, most choose to stay connected and meet either monthly or quarterly for check in sessions. This allows them to review what strategies are working well and what needs to be tweaked in order to continue their forward progress.

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