Expressive, Art and Movement Therapy

Ashley Lemmonds LMHC,BC-DMT, MA works with children and teens and adults struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, school/family stress, trauma and body image. Utilizing a variety of expressive modalities including art, music, dance, movement and yoga, Ashley helps her clients identify and explore feelings and learn effective strategies for coping with unsettled feeling

Ashley uses mindfulness practices and play in her therapeutic approach. She may include one or multiple expressive modalities in a session depending on the needs and preferences of the child to provide appropriate opportunities for expressive reflection and emotional regulation.

Ashley works with a wide range of challenges including various cognitive delays and Autism. Her work promotes self regulation and anxiety reduction in all her clients. She creates a safe and comfortable space where her clients feel validated, respected and free to be playful and have fun!

Rainbow Dance (TM)

Rainbow Dance (TM) is a set of structure of movement, music, creative imagery, and props that is repetitive and focused. This unique therapy used with children 5 years and younger, helps to promote self-esteem, self-regulation, and social empathy. It is particularly beneficial for children who have sensory needs, anxiety, Autism or a history of trauma. Rainbow Dance (TM) is also designed to foster attachment as each session includes the child’s caregiver. Ashley has been a certified practitioner in this work for over two years and studied it directly with the founder, Dicki Johnson Macy. Check the calendar for upcoming Rainbow Dance programs. 

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