About Us
Individuals are unique. 

The Wellness Room is intentionally home to a diverse community of therapists. We know that one technique, one approach and one style does not fit all.

Expertise can be personal and professional. 

Our therapists are clinical experts, and they are human too. We deliver intelligent, thoughtful and dynamic therapy with a compassionate, mindful and kind intent. One does not dilute the other.

Power is gained through shared experience.

Therapists at The Wellness Room will help you understand that your experience and emotions have been shared by others and that those others have found their way back to wholeness again.

Environments matter. 

We want The Wellness Room to be inviting and comfortable. That means we have fluffy pillows, colorful decor, snacks, bright windows and plants. The space is opportunity to sense lightness.

Feeling lost is honest and feeling found is possible. 

We know it isn’t easy to try something new. Sometimes feeling lost is the first step to feeling found- and we are grateful to both accompany and guide you on the journey.

A Letter From Haven


My life has been full of immense joy and incredible loss. I would trade my moments of sorrow for a simple and sheltered life in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that’s just not an option. For good and for bad, my experiences make me who I am today. I’m a person with perspective, who embraces gratitude, who loves to dance, connect, laugh and savor moments of joy.


In my own work in trauma and loss, I’ve met the most amazing people. I’ve been showered with a community of fellow warriors and healers who bring something special to their artful practice- the gift of connection. I’m honored that so many of these healers and practitioners have joined me at The Wellness Room. Together we create a healing space to accompany, guide and support others through life’s crazy ups and downs.

If you’ve found your way to us, I imagine you may be seeking connection to self and/or connection to others. You may be struggling right now and looking for ways to stay grounded. I’m so glad you found us and I’m grateful that this wonderful group of practitioners created this space for YOU.

I offer consultation about the types of services that may be helpful to you and would be more than happy (in fact, I’d love!) to sit down with you, connect over the phone or through email to build a plan.

With gratitude,



The Wellness Room is fortunate to have relationships with many supportive community resources. We are happy to refer our clients to an organization that may compliment their care. If you have questions about a referral, let us know and we'll do our best to help you connect.


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