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Due to the state's regulations, our offices will be closed for the forseeable future beginning Tuesday March 17th. Please check your email for telehealth information. 

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The Wellness Room


At The Wellness Room we believe in the power of talking as a way to explore what life puts in front of us. Our wonderful therapists have a unique ability to listen and connect. We see you for your strengths, talents and gifts, and we work with you in the areas that need support, guidance and change. The Wellness Room is a warm and comfortable environment, designed with you in mind. We work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families to create a therapy experience that is approachable and comforting. Our therapists are honored to partner with you.

How-To’s and FAQ’s 
Before the Session Starts

Here are some tips and tricks to making sure you and your client have the best experience in video sessions. 

  • Make sure you have a private space to be in where you won’t be disturbed or heard. If you live with others, you will need to make sure family members or roommates don't disturb you. Let them know of your session beforehand in order to ensure a calm and peaceful environment. If you are in an unsafe environment or are not comfortable with conducting your appointment at home, please visit a trusted friend, or use a secure location like a library, cafe or study room.

  • Make sure to have a device that allows you to use a video camera and a microphone. This includes phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Make sure the settings allow for these applications to be used.

  • Be comfortable! Get yourself a warm mug of coffee, tea or a blanket in order to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure to sit in a comfortable chair/position. 

When a Session Starts

  • Our primary platform is a HIPPA-secure website called ( Look out for an email from your provider to get started. You will enter a virtual waiting room and relax and wait until the therapist joins the session. Much like a regular session! 

  • Using Chrome or Firefox as your browser can sometimes be better than Safari or Explorer. Using earphones/buds plugged into the computer helps maintain privacy and improves sound. Make sure your volume is up and that your video and microphone and video camera are on. There is a chat function on the bottom left of the screen if problems occur. If this issue persists, you may turn off your device and enter the session again in the same way as before. 

Additional Information 

  • Many insurers were already covering telehealth, but as of 3/15/20, Governor Baker announced that all Massachusetts insurers must cover telehealth and at the same rates as they would in person visits. Feel free to contact member services to check if you are insured.


  • Clients will be required to fill out a consent form. Risks are minimal and similar to beginning therapy, though we will need to identify appropriate emergency plans and contacts if they were to be needed. You will be asked to complete a telehealth consent form before we begin our first session. We at the Wellness Room want to support you in this way and help you navigate these unprecedented events with resilience and meaning.

The Wellness Room

The Wellness Room Welcomes

Nadine and Meghan!

Challenges are Unique

explore & understand

We know that coping looks different for everyone. Our therapists want to understand where you shine and where you struggle, and how you’re best at managing stress. We will learn what techniques work best for your unique personality.

Some of the areas we support are:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • illness

  • trauma

  • life upheavals and transitions

  • loss and bereavement

  • young widows & widowers

  • birth, post partum & parenting

  • couples

  • adolescent transition

  • self injury

  • childhood anxiety

We know that to acknowledge our struggle is brave and to learn and grow from our struggle is empowering.

"Such an amazing team of warm, dedicated professionals. From the way Sarah treats you on the phone, to the care the therapists provide, this place is truly great. I'm convinced that I have the best therapist around but the three people I referred to The Wellness Room believe the same about theirs...! It's rare to find so much talent and genuine care in one place."


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