Jackie Biello, Debbie Sosin
Alee Miller and
Dianne Chillingerian
come with years of experience with young children, teenagers and adults with specialties including PTSD, self injury, GLBTQ issues and sexual assault survival. Please visit our Staff Page for more.

The Wellness Room was established based on the philosophy that most often our responses to life’s difficulties and hardships are normal and expected. Experiencing sadness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and grief is difficult. These struggles can result in losing one’s sense of belonging and purpose. The Wellness Room strives to provide an environment to explore and understand these emotions and help children, adolescents, adults, couples and families restore not only who they were but who they want to become. Our nurturing staff and therapists are highly skilled professionals and individuals who have lived life’s challenges and trials themselves. Through training and these experiences, our staff have gained wisdom and insight providing us with a strong foundation to listen, understand, empathize, support and help our clients to navigate through challenging situations. Some of the areas for which we provide support are:

Anxiety lp-list-bullet Depression lp-list-bullet Illness lp-list-bullet Life upheavals and transitions lp-list-bullet Loss and bereavement lp-list-bullet Young widows and widowers support
Divorce recovery support lp-list-bullet Birth, postpartum, and parenting lp-list-bullet Couples therapy lp-list-bullet Infertility
Adoption decision lp-list-bullet Egg/Sperm donor decision lp-list-bullet Adolescent transition lp-list-bullet Self injury lp-list-bullet Childhood anxiety

  • We also offer Healing Arts such as massage and reiki as a complementary approach to settling anxiety, depression, grief and overall care to one’s self.
  • We offer individual, couples, and family therapy as well as group therapy.

The Wellness Room strongly believes in the benefit and growth that comes from group support. It is our mission to help all of our clients navigate their way back to the road to wellness. Our therapist/artist Emily Newmann has continued her weekly group on Mondays with “Writing Into/Through/Around and About Your Grief”. Please see our listings for Groups. 

We recently added a new article on “Happiness” – visit our Resource page and read “Beware of Joy” by Anna North.

Our Partnership page has a recent addition. Beyond Book Smart is a 1:1 educational coaching program that helps students and adults be more effective in managing their work and themselves.  Check them out.